King's World


King's World is a game to be released in 2020. The characters, plants, monsters and everything concerning the models in the game have already been made. Now, the focus is on the coding and level/game design. King's World will introduce a lot of new features. For example, by inputting a code in King Language, found on a Battledand card manufactured by KinesisGames you can unlock extra characters. There will also be a menu where ingredients can be mixed to create new powers or craft new magic potions for the characters. An encyclopedia will be available too for you to understand the stories behind each of the characters, monsters, plants and objects of the game or to at least get a good description of their properties. Each Monster or Character will be having its own unique abilities and powers. There will be dragons, villains, weird plants and much more. The game will also feature a difficult open-world story mode. King's World will also be filled with a lot of new weather systems, animations and really cool effects! A number of save game slots will be provided too. That's all about the description of the game for now.

Game Storyline

The universe along with the first planet ever were created. The first creature ever was born. She was the most powerful of all and was named Ura. Not even a while later, her sister, Nus was born. The planet was named after them. The other inhabitants, created way after, worshiped Ura and Nus as gods. Ura and Nus each controlled one half of the planet. Among these inhabitants was King. He was the most ardent devotee of Ura. Ura taught him magic and everything that she knew. King became really powerful. For a long time everything was going on peacefully. Life was also starting on other planets slowly and found its way to Earth. Tiny to Giant creatures were born on Earth.

But in every story, there had to be a villain. There was one known as Nepharius. He got closer to Ura and managed to convince her to build a machine that could control minds of people so that he could make everyone 'happy'. He poisoned Ura's mind. Ura became evil. King noticed the change in Ura as she was not behaving like before. King tried to figure out what had happened to her. It was Nepharius that controlled her mind now. When King discovered the truth, Nepharius used Ura to fight with King. The latter had no other choice than to destroy his master for the welfare of the universe.

Nepharius fled to the other side of the planet. Nus was in such a rage after knowing from the mouth of Nepharius that her sister was dead that she called all the most powerful warriors of the planet and went along with them to kill King. This was the biggest fight that the Universe had known yet. King had no time to explain and took part in the war. Life on the planet was destroyed during that war. The entire universe was shaken. Even the course of life was disturbed on other planets. That was the reason for the extinction of dinosaurs on Earth. King, Ura, Nus and Nepharius were seemingly dead too.

Millions of years later life made a new start. The ruler of Uranus was Antonio now. He controlled Uranus and its inhabitants. Unfortunately evil never dies. Nepharius was actually back as Antonio. He treated the inhabitants as his slaves. Meanwhile on a distant planet, King was reborn again too. He was the ruler of that planet. He now had a family there; his brothers, his wife, his children and the inhabitants who adored him.

This time, Nepharius being known as Antonio, started another evil project; to be the ruler of the entire universe. He captured planets one by one. He was also a threat to King's planet. One day, he declared war. While King won the war and additionally freed the inhabitants of Uranus of the tyranny of Antonio and took them to live on Earth, Antonio managed to escape and had captured the wife and children of King. King was never so angry. They both fought to death. The wife and children of King were teleported back to his planet during his last breaths after which he killed himself and Antonio.

As he was closing his eyes, King heard a voice telling him that Nepharius would come to Earth and if King killed him, it would be the end and King could go back to his home planet. King was born as a human being. He prepared himself to kill Nepharius. But this time it was Nepharius that was more powerful. King tried to defeat Nepharius again and again but never succeeded. Instead, Earth was coming down and King's magical powers were becoming less and less powerful. The brothers of King felt it. They were far more powerful than before. They appeared and lended all their powers to King. Each of the gods and rulers of other planets lended King their unique magic emeralds too. Nepharius appeared in his original form beaming with all of the dark energy of the universe. King also became in his ultimate and glowing form. A merciless fight ensured between the two. King won and he would now be the protector of the universe. Nepharius was assumably dead and wouldn't ever come back but King was still not convinced.

King returned back to his planet and to stay with his family. There was just one question that he couldn't figure out the answer to; whose voice had he heard after the events on Uranus with Antonio?