Plants vs Pollution

Game Plot: After humans have been polluting Earth with their factories, a nuclear incident causes plants to stand up, take things into their leaves and fight pollution.

Features and Details

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(Not everything announced is present yet)

The game will feature a lot of levels with progressively difficult aims. Groups of levels will take place in specific types of locations with unique plants. Among these locations, there'll be Forests, Deserts and Marshes. Levels will have Factory Slot(s) with of course, Factories, aimed towards producing Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Different Plants will be worth different amounts of CO2 and once their requirements satisfied, they can be placed in Empty Plant Slots to produce mainly Oxygen (O2). A Remove Plant button will also be present to assist the player in making Plant Slots empty.

Progressively, the game will be more advanced. Plants placed will have a lifetime after which they will wither. Further on, Pests will be present to further diminish the lifetime of Plants and a location's characteristics could help the Player or further add to his worries. Plant Slots may also get filled with weeds afterwards and CO2 or O2 could be needed to remove them so that the Slot can be made usable again. Spells will also be introduced to improve the state of Plants or cause damage to Factories for example. Coins will be obtained too after completing levels. These coins can then be used in the Shop to buy Plants with Special Abilities, Spells or Level Boosters. Also, each level will be allocated a maximum of 4 Location Plants (Obligatory) and 2 slots filled with Special Plants and/or Spells for the player to choose from and use.

A list of Plants with Special Abilities, a list of Spells and a list of Level Boosters has been given below. The game will additionally feature an encyclopedia about different Factories, Plants, Spells and Level Boosters, and a special scene where Customized Plants can be created. Also, each Plant and Spell may be improved and upgraded with coins. After completing half of the game, a new mode will be unlocked where it will be possible to play as Factories to destroy Plants and bring Earth to its fall. Cheat codes may also be inputted in the game. Finally, completing levels will generate a unique code which can then be entered upon updating the game or after some kind of event so that the player's progress is not lost.

Super Plants

Level Boosters