Venture is an incoming open-world game to be released for Android probably at the end of 2019.

Venture, unlike the Mud Dynasty will be comprised of only one world. There will be a massive island at the centre of its map enclosed between 2 seas; Azure (left) and Cedros (right). On Venture island, there will be ravaging wars between the Sun and Rain villages, still unaware to the modern inhabitants of Lightning City. What secret lies in the Grace desert found between the Snake mountain range and the valley of the forgotten? Prepare to take up challenges across fantastic locations such as the Marshy Wetlands, Rockstone, Hebrew Mountain, the Ontario lake and the Climate forest! Oh, and did I mention the Kraken volcano? Still not enough and challenging for you? Take a boat, an airplane or a helicopter and fly to the 4 other smaller islands around Venture Island. Don't forget that sack of grenades and those weapons which will maybe help you to survive in all those islands and hostile environments! Have you got what it takes to confront the Snow-Flake and Infinity Base islands in Azure or the Survival and Hell Land Islands in Cedros?

Technical Stuff: Venture will feature a wide variety of guns with different modes (Semi-Auto/Burst) and realistic animations. Across Venture and other islands, the player will have the choice to explore by himself and also complete a lot of side-quests and main missions. Other entities and NPCs will be probably hanging around too and the game will be filled with interactions. There will also be an inventory system, shops and loot chests. Among vehicles, there'll be cars, jeeps, lorries, planes and helicopters. The game will also have remarkable improvements on the Graphics side.